The Next Evolution in Rotational Mold Release [Rotational]

June 15, 2016

Rotational mold release coatings have not advanced very far since rotational molding began in the early 1940’s. Typically the only areas where we see advancement are with the ovens, mold design and the polyethylene. Maverix Solutions, Ins. is never satisfied with phrases like “good enough” or “works fine” when it comes to our mold release technology. We are always pushing the boundaries of science and technology to develop new and revolutionary technology in our mold release.

Maverix Solutions is not afraid to take risks to see just how far we can push technology. We listen to our customers and ask what do they want the mold release to achieve not what do they want it to do. We get out in the field working shoulder to shoulder with our customers introducing our technology. From our newest sales representative to the President we are right there with our customers the whole step of the way. Even after extensive testing and many orders we always have one eye looking ahead for the next area to advance.

Our introductory product for rotational molding was Mavcoat C1-A for linear polyethylene. Mavcoat ROTO followed designed for crosslinked as well as all types and grades of linear material. Not only did this simplify the molding process but it also improved it by taking out the risk of coining in crosslinked due to over application. Mavcoat ROTO became a true general purpose rotational mold release.

Having been requested to improve the demolding process on parts with deep drafts, undercuts and difficult to remove inserts we developed our Mavcoat Roto-4. Formulated with a lubricity additive Mavcoat Roto-4 achieved exactly what the customer was looking for. Not only did it improve the demolding process it also helped with employee fatigue and reduced injuries that would occur when the operators would fight to demold these difficult parts.

In speaking with our customers and asking what they would like to achieve most we learned that they wanted a glossy appearance. Of course this can be achieved with permanent coatings such as Teflon or Maus Coatings. The problem is these coating are very expensive and they need to be reapplied from time to time. When it’s time to recoat, the molds typically are sent out at an additional cost for shipping and they are not seen again for a few weeks.

Maverix Solutions found a better solution with our Mavcoat TM-10 and TM-21. Both are water based mold releases that will produce a ceramic like finish on your mold when properly cured resulting in a glossy surface appearance on your parts. The molds do not need to be sent out and the release is applied with a trigger spray bottle and a rag. No special equipment is needed. The Mavcoat TM-10 can even be applied over existing Teflon coating.

We are always looking for newer and better ways to improve the molding process with the development of newer and better technologies. Contact us anytime to speak with one of our technical sales representatives and request a sample of our technology to evaluate.

If you are interested in our Mavcoat® mold releases or any of our other technologies please feel free to contact us anytime at 714-501-6383, visit our products page, or send a request here.

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