Maverix Solutions Debuts New All-Elastomer Mold Release System

March 18, 2019

By Jennifer Karpus-Romain

Rubber and Plastics News Correspondent

SANTA ANA, Calif. – Maverix Solutions, Inc. recently released Mavcoat MD-W6, a mold release system that works for all elastomers, after nine months of development.

“We wanted to give the industry one release to use for everything, which would consolidate all the many different releases used in a typical plant into one single product that simplifies molding operations,” said Vi Doan, Maverix marketing manager and Mavcoat technician. “One of our key company goals is to always push the boundaries of mold release and anti-stick coatings in order to provide the best available technology.”


Pictured above: Vi Doan - Marketing Manager & Mavcoat Technician

Specialized elastomers are hard to demold, so manufactures require unique mold release in their inventory, he said.

“It is commonplace for a manufacturer to utilize three or four types to release ‘normal,’ specialized, and silicone elastomers,” Doan said. “Mavcoat MD-W6 will displace all of the one-time use products and consolidate their inventory to control costs while simplifying their molding processes.”

While the Mavcoat MD-W6 has similar properties to the Mavcoat MD-4, which the company also rolled out in 2018, the MD-4 is specifically used for organic rubber elastomers.

A manufacturer using “normal” elastomers, such as natural or SBR, would use MD-4, Doan said, whereas companies manufacturing with specialized elastomers, such as AFLAS< FKM or silicone, would opt for MD-W6.

“Mavcoat MD-W6 is engineered to release silicone, organic and inorganic rubber so it becomes another great option in our large portfolio of mold release systems,” Doan said. “A semi-permanent system like Mavcoat MD-W6 will be novel in the rubber industry due to its ability to release aggressive materials such as AFLAS as well as inorganic and organic elastomers. It utilizes our ceramic-based technology which significantly reduces build up, increase production yields, and keeps the tools clean.”

Maverix, based in Santa Ana, invented Mavcoat MD-W6 in large part because manufacturer frustration due to the limitations by competitors’ chemistry, Doan said.

“One company, in particular, told us their current mold release form one of our competitors had trouble releasing their proprietary blends, which affected the characteristics of the final product,” he said. “Solving their problem became a major priority for us.”

Efficiency is another goal of the MD-W6. Rubber molders are using up to four mold release systems to each release a specific elastomer.

“Those single-use products are costly because they cannot be used across all molding operations,” Doan said. “Our Mavcoat MD-W6 can be used throughout the facility and it consolidates mold release down to one single product, which simplifies molding operations and reduces costs.”

MD-W6 uses Maverix’s ceramic-based technology, so once the water carrier flashes from the tool, the mold releases the plates out and adheres onto the surface, which Doan said creates the lowest coefficient of friction in the industry.

“This technology allows for the operator to increase their production yield while decreasing the frequency of application” he added.

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