If You Are Not Advancing Then You Are Falling Behind [Rubber]

March 03, 2018

Just recently, one of our technical specialists had a customer ask, “Why do I need to change mold releases if the rubber has not changed in all these years?” He was taken back by that question, but he told the customer: “There is always room for improvement.” It’s just like golf, the game has not changed in how it has been played, but the continual improvement and science of the golf ball has advanced to aerospace levels.

Be up-to-date

When your manufacturing line keeps on relying on the same outdated technology then your company may never improve or grow. Old mold release technologies can only take your company so far. There is a limit that cannot be breached with systems from the 1900's. If you want to produce more parts, then you need to upgrade and modernize your release system. The common thought of operators is that cure times are the only factor prohibiting increased production output, however, that is incorrect. Lowering scrap rate, decreasing mold maintenance time and increasing production time are all benefits offered by a modern release system. As any good business person knows, with zero defective parts, the more money your company earns.

A streamlined future

When it comes to mold release technologies, Maverix SolutionsTM is always developing new innovations to advance the molding process. We are never satisfied with developing that one workhorse release and are always striving to improve our systems to better your manufacturing process. Engineering highly specialized release coatings tailored to your process is our livelihood.

Sure, you can use other mold release manufacturers’ systems and keep your performance the same. Alternatively, you can utilize the new technology with unique techniques to push the boundaries of your molding processes to maximize production results.

A new wave of rubber mold releases

With the development of Mavcoat® MD-4, we have reached a new level of performance with our mold release technology for rubber elastomers. It is a ceramic-based system unlike anything on the market. With Mavcoat® MD-4, manufacturing is no longer stuck in the past. There is no more settling with second tier release systems. Our Mavcoat® MD-4 is a water-based, semi-permanent release coating for all organic rubber elastomers for every rubber process.

The innovative binder system forms an invisible coating, which does not contain any silicone, that fills mold porosity and adheres strongly to the tool's surface. It will not build up or form a white haze on your tooling. We guarantee it. The MD-4 has a unique lubricity additive that allows for incredible rubber flow throughout the mold without migrating to the part. Mavcoat® MD-4 can be used to make food grade products because it meets 21 CFR 181.28.

What makes Mavcoat® MD-4 different?

  • Zero buildup
  • No curing
  • Does not transfer
  • Ceramic technology
  • Easy to use

If you are interested in our Mavcoat® MD-4 or any of our other mold release technologies please feel free to contact us anytime at 714-501-6383, visit our products page, or send a request here.

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