March 23, 2018

Manufacturing a mandrel built hose has several limitations, but the major one is the length of the mandrel. One can only demold about 200 feet of hose length on steel mandrels before running out of space. But what if I told you it is possible to get even longer hoses? Remember when your boss said to think outside the box? Well, here is your inspiration: use rubber mandrels.

Unfortunately, productive manufacturing facilities sometimes don’t have long unobstructed buildings. Manufacturers use every available space for manufacturing, material, part storage, and machinery. Empty space is a big expense when you look at the cost per square foot. In our travels, we have seen manufacturers demold up to 1,000 feet of hose from one mandrel. In order to achieve this, rubber mandrels have to be utilized because they are able to be coiled and stored in a small footprint.

When demolding a 1,000 foot rubber mandrel, the entire hose must slide off without sticking. If any part of the hose becomes immovable then it causes problems in manufacturing and the only way to finish demolding is to cut that section of hose and mandrel out. The problem with this solution is that an incomplete hose remains and sometimes a scrapped mandrel. Eventually some hoses are cut to certain specifications, however, when the need for an intact 700 foot rubber hose has to be fulfilled there is no room for failure and this where our Mavcoat® mold release will help you.


One may think it’s easy to demold from a mandrel and any mold release system will work fine, but this is not the case. When demolding from long rubber mandrels the last section of the hose must travel the entire length and make physical contact with the entire length of the rubber mandrel. The first 350 feet of a 700 foot pull may slide out easily and all is good in the world, but you still have another 350 feet to go. This is where your mandrel lubricant comes into play. The coating should seal the mandrel, release the cured rubber hose, and provide lubricity for the hose to slip off the mandrel unimpeded. Other release systems fail because they cannot meet all of these requirements or release rubber from the mandrel and withstand the abrasive friction from rubber to rubber contact. Other coatings can quickly wear down and mechanically lock during demolding.

We have solved the problem

Maverix SolutionsTM has done it again by leading the way into the next decade by pushing the boundary of release systems for all mandrel types. With the development of products such as Mavcoat® RH and Mavcoat® MBH, Maverix SolutionsTM has once again redefined the landscape of mold release coatings and mandrel-built hose lubricants. Mavcoat RH (Rubber Hose) is specifically formulated for hoses built on rubber mandrels. It contains a unique chemistry that gives high slip properties and allows for over 700 feet of rubber hoses to be demolded from a rubber mandrel without sticking or binding up. Mavcoat® RH can be used again and again with ZERO build up. This ensures the most exacting tolerances on the ID of the hose being manufactured. Maverix Solutions™ has also developed a totally food grade release coating for hoses used in food handling applications. Mavcoat® FGML (Food Grade Mandrel Lubricant) meets FDA regulation 21 CFR181.28 as a release agent.

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