California leading the way [Polyurethane]

March 06, 2018

When it comes to paving the way and making advances in technology one only needs to look to California to see which way the wind is blowing to see what is in store for the future. This wind of change is not always negative. Due to the strict regulations in the state companies are forced to find newer and different chemistries that are safer for people and the environment. Being the only manufacturer in California allows us push the boundaries of innovation. This restriction has caused us to innovate and create mold release coatings that are not manufactured elsewhere.

Making the effort for a safe work environment

Maverix Solutions, Inc. doesn’t make safer chemistry just because we are located in California, but because we believe companies should have the healthiest chemistry possible for their operators. Even though we have the option to use a cheaper solvent or surfactant package to formulate our products we make the conscious decision not to. Cheaper does not always mean better and in the case of mold releases, cheaper is not safer. We have experimented with various alternatives and know there are safer alternatives available. Human health is our priority and it is important to us because operators are working with the release coating every day. Many products on the market today are legacies that contain known carcinogens, which cause severe adverse health effects. Maverix SolutionsTM will always take the healthy high road and avoid the use of aggressive chemical constituents.

Restrictions inspires innovative products

Although California is highly regulated, it is not always necessarily a negative problem because it forces companies to innovate technology to adapt. These restrictions push us ahead of our competitors and as a direct result our products are now compliant when the manufacturing standards change in your state. The main changes our products guarantee to be beneficial to you immediately are eliminating V.O.C.’s from cleaners and solvent based releases. We were the first ones to do this and will continue to bring even more beneficial products to manufacturing companies.

As Jeremy Irons said in Margin Call “there are three ways to make a living in this business, be first, be smarter or cheat.” At Maverix SolutionsTM we don’t cheat; we like to think we are smart, however, being the first to market has always been our objective.

Bringing innovative products to the market

Our Mavcoat® PU-54 is the unicorn of mold release coatings for both cast and foam polyurethanes. This is the first non-silicone release coating that has ZERO V.O.C.’s, does not transfer or build up on your molds. The best part? It is available in both solvent and water based options. Mavcoat® PU-54 allows great paint adhesion without the need for cleaning and will grow hair (will not actually grow hair). We just wanted to see if you were paying attention. Our goal was to pack a lot of great features into this new product. We have done all this while being safe for both the operators and to our environment.

See not all that comes out of California is a bad thing.

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