Mavcoat® Products for Rubber

Mavcoat® Products for Rubber

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Mavcoat® TZ-4

  • This technology is a water-based coating that releases all organic rubber. It is semi-permanent and may only need to be applied once per shift in some applications. Since Mavcoat® TZ-4 releases all organic rubber compounds, it will be the only release needed on the production floor.

Mavcoat® MD-4

  • Mavcoat® MD-4 is a water-based, semi-permanent release coating for all organic rubber elastomers. It contains a novel binder system that adheres strongly to the mold surface and a unique lubricity additive that allows for good rubber flow throughout the mold. Mavcoat® MD-4 is a non-silicone ceramic-based technology and can be used to make food grade products because it meets 21 CFR 181.28.

Mavcoat® 265-T

  • Water-based release agent for frequent application during molding of general rubber goods. Use Mavcoat® 265-T in applications that can use a lighter release where molds are sprayed more often.

Mavcoat® SR

  • A specialized semi-permanent release agent for the release of silicone, fluorosilicone and organic rubber elastomers. Unique chemistry cleans mold and maintains lustrous surface

Mavcoat® SR-9

  • A specialized semi-permanent release for medical silicone parts. Designed for liquid injection molded silicone process.

Mavcoat® SRLP-2

  • This is another specialized technology for making mandrel-built silicone rubber parts. Commonly used for making aircraft door seals and other silicone rubber laid up on internal mandrels. Coating releases compression parts and lubricates mandrel for easy extraction. Tightly wrapped long sections of cured silicone rubber slide from the mandrel with little effort.

Mavcoat® RH

  • A specialized product used to make rubber hose from rubber mandrels. It seals and releases the rubber mandrel upon which, rubber hose is extruded, wrapped, and cured in very long lengths – 1,000 to 2,000 feet. Mavcoat® RH cures on the mandrel and provides extreme lubricity so the entire length of hose is extracted in one piece. The diameter of the rubber mandrel can be any size, but typically ranges from 1/8” to 4”. The finished hose is used in many applications such as, hydraulic, industrial, and oil field.

Mavcoat® MBH

  • This is another specialized technology for making Mandrel-Built Hose on straight mandrels. It can be used as-is or diluted with water. Mavcoat® MBH will release all organic rubber elastomers. The technology seals, releases, and lubricates the mandrel, which is then tightly wrapped with rubber and cured. The coating produces a very low coefficient of friction, so extraction is easy – finished hose slides from the mandrel with little effort.

Mavcoat® MD-W6

  • Mavcoat® MD-W6 utilizes a water-based ceramic technology that releases all organic and silicone rubber. It is a thin film non-silicone, semi-permanent system which will minimize build up. Mavcoat® MD-W6 will consolidate all mold releases into one system.

Mavcoat® MD-W54

  • A semi-permanent water-based release agent for the most difficult compounds including AFLAS and other fluoroelastomers in complex molds.

Mavcoat® STM

  • Used to prevent uncured rubber from sticking to itself when rubber is stacked or coiled. Mavcoat® STM replaces messy talc and stearate-based dispersion. It is non-silicone, water-based, and clear. It does not contaminate the rubber or cause defects during molding operations.

Mavcoat® 1000

  • Coats and impregnates the nylon tape that is used to wrap mandrel-built rubber hoses. It prevents the tape from sticking to the rubber hose, making the re-usable nylon tape easy to remove. Tape life is prolonged, saving the operation money. 1000 is a concentrated polymer solution that is diluted with water. It is also non-silicone so there is no contamination to the finished hose.

Maverix Cleaner 8700

  • Heavy-duty general purpose cleaner and degreaser used to clean equipment, presses, hydraulic fluid, and parts. 8700 is concentrated so it can be diluted with water to meet the needs of any specific application.

Maverix Cleaner 505

  • Concentrated, heavy-duty, water-based cleaner that dissolves and removes the build-up that occurs over time from the interaction of mold release and rubber curing during many hours of repeated cycles. It will strip elastomer residues and particles from the mold to yield a clean metal surface for sustained production.

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