Rubber Mold Release Agents

Rubber Mold Release Agents

Release Agents for Rubber

Fluorosilicone, Natural, Nitrile, or peroxide-cured EPDM used in compression, transfer, or injection molding manufacturing processes, Maverix Solutions™  makes a mold release coating for your application. Mavcoat® release coatings are used in molding operations for all types of elastomers making products such as silicone hoses, airplane door seals, EPDM O-rings, gaskets, mats, nitrile seals, and fluorocarbon packing elements (packers) for the oil field industry. Much of our chemistry is non-silicone, water-based, and semi-permanent for multiple releases with a single application. 

We also offer products for hose manufacturing. Our mandrel coatings seal the surface and effectively release the hose from mandrels made of steel, aluminum, and rubber in any diameter, shape, flexible or rigid. Finished hoses from 5 inches to 700 feet long are easy to pull from the mandrel. The coatings release all rubber elastomers, including silicone, and are available in food grade formulations for hoses being made for critical applications. 

There are many benefits to the manufacturer when using Mavcoat® such as, multiple releases, no transfer, easy demolding, safe for operators, keeps molds clean, reduces scrap, non-silicone, resists build up, cost effective, and promotes post mold bonding.

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