Mavcoat® Products for Rotational Plastic

Mavcoat® Products for Rotational Plastic

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Mavcoat® Roto

  • A semi-permanent release that has the unique ability to release all densities of linear and crosslink polyethylene resins. We guarantee no pock-marking (coining) on crosslink parts when using Roto. And most importantly, Mavcoat® Roto maintains product dimensions without warping the part – no matter how much is applied!

Mavcoat® Roto-4

  • Similar to the Mavcoat® Roto, but contains lubricity additives for hard to remove parts due to undercuts, scuppers, bolts, pins, or draft.

Mavcoat® RT-3

  • A highly semi-permanent release able to withstand temperatures up to 1,300F. This allows it to last much longer between reapplications and will allow you to lower the amount of mold release you use. Mavcoat® RT-3 is able to release all densities of linear and crosslink polyethylene resins.

Mavcoat® TM-10

  • A water-based semi-permanent release that is an alternative for Teflon coating your molds. The Mavcoat® TM-10 will produce a semi-gloss finish on your parts without any white haze. This will eliminate the need to flame treat most parts.  The TM-10 will release all densities of linear and crosslink polyethylene resins as well as polycarbonate.

Mavcoat® RT-44

  • Anti-static coating can be added to your dry powder or applied directly to the mold surface. This will improve granite appearance and eliminate color swirling that can occur with some dry blended materials.

Mavcoat® CFR-5

  • Is a water-based coating that will prevent any rigid polyurethane foam from sticking to your parts surface. During the foam filling process excess rigid foam will expand out vent holes attaching itself to the exterior of the part. Apply Mavcoat® CFR-5 anywhere rigid foam may come in to contact to prevent the foam from sticking. Cured rigid foam can be easily removed without damaging or staining your part. The Mavcoat® CFR-5 will not discolor your parts surface and it can be easily removed with soap and water.

Maverix Plastic Shield

  • Adds shine to your parts without the greasy or oily feel.

Mavcoat® FR-2

  • This will make it easier to remove any build up on your flanges. Only a thin film of the Mavcoat® FR-2 is needed to prevent material from sticking in the flanges. Keeping the flanges clean and free build up will eliminate air bubbles from forming along the parting line.

Maverix Cleaner 8700

  • Heavy-duty general purpose cleaner and degreaser used to clean equipment, presses, hydraulic fluid, and parts. 8700 is concentrated so it can be diluted with water to meet the needs of any specific application.

Maverix Cleaner 202

  • A concentrated heavy duty degreaser used to remove mold release coatings and pigment build-up from rotational molds. It is also used for general mold and part cleaning.

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