Rotational Mold Release Agents

Rotational Mold Release Agents

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Rotational Molding Mold Release Agents

Mavcoat® rotational molding mold release agents are semi-permanent water-based coatings that provide multiple releases with a single application for LDPE, HDPE silicone mold, XLPE, PP, Nylon, and Polycarbonate.

Mavcoat® mold release agents for rotational molding meet the unique challenges of today’s rotational molders such as shorter cycles using higher temperatures to speed production and highly engineered molds with exacting tolerances. Mavcoat® rotational mold release agents wet the surface of the mold uniformly and have a greater affinity for the mold surface than the finished part. This eliminates the white film on finished parts giving them excellent cosmetics right out of the mold, which reduces or eliminates the need to torch parts. Additional features of Mavcoat® rotational molding release agents include:

  • Multiple release
  • No transfer
  • Reduced pigment build-up
  • Lower scrap rates
  • Better surface cosmetics
  • Increased productivity
  • Safety of a water-based system

Applications of Rotational Molding Release Agents

All Mavcoat® rotational mold release agents contain proprietary anti-static compounds that prevent pigments from streaking, accumulating, or swirling due to static electricity buildup during the rotational molding cycle. Use of Mavcoat® release agents allow granite colors and patterns to come out separated and clear. In addition, parts with heavy pigment loads such as dark browns or greens appear uniform.

The Mavcoat® product line includes process aids and cleaners that improve the rotational molding process. Some areas that need specific help from these process aids for roto molding are as follows:

  • Parting line build up
  • Static
  • Foam back filling
  • Part gloss
  • Pigment build up
  • Color changes
  • Improved flow in tight areas

When material builds up in the parting line, there is a risk of producing bad parts and damaging the molds. Mavcoat® FR-2 Parting Line release does not need to be applied very often, but it makes it very easy for the operators to remove any material that contacts the flanges.

The same antistatic chemistry that our Mavcoat® release agents for roto molding contain is available as a standalone product. It can be applied directly to the mold or it can be added to the dry powder before molding.

It is important to prevent excess foam from damaging the cosmetic appearance of finished parts when back filing with rigid polyurethane foam. The Mavcoat® line includes water-based release agents that are applied directly to the part to prevent foam from sticking. They will not stain or discolor parts and can be easily cleaned off with soap and water.

Sometimes, customers require a glossy surface finish prior to shipping, which can be achieved by wiping on a specialty coating. Currently, the only products available are from the automotive industry, which are used to shine leather or tires. The problem with these coatings is that they leave a greasy or oily feel on the parts. Mavcoat has developed a unique technology that gives the shine without the greasy mess.

Dry blended resins and pigments sometimes don’t fuse together, and the result is leftover pigment building up on the mold walls. When customers want the same part in multiple colors the problem of pigment transferring form the dark colored parts to light colored parts occurs. There are two ways to handle this.

  • The first is to run natural scrap to pull the pigment off the walls.
  • The second is to remove the mold from production and shot blast it.

The problem with each of these methods is loss of production time. Running scrap parts, it could take multiple cycles before the mold is ready to make the next colored part. When shot blasting the mold, there is a risk of changing the mold surface texture. Also, it requires moving the mold, which could damage it or injure the operator. Maverix cleaners should be used instead, which leaves the mold in place and efficiently removes the pigment. Further, Maverix cleaners for rotational molds are safe for operators and the environment. They also remove shadowing from in-mold graphics and graphics that have been placed incorrectly.

Molders buy case after case of aerosol cans when using a flow promoter around fittings or tight areas. At the end of the day, the trash is full of empty cans that need to be punctured to remove any leftover material and pressure so they can be recycled. The leftover material is considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly. To solve this problem, Maverix Solutions has eliminated the aerosol can by packaging Maverix Flow Right flow promoter in bulk.

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