Recycled Rubber Mold Release Agents

Recycled Rubber Mold Release Agents

Release Agents for Recycled Rubber

Maverix Solutions™ was founded by making release coatings for polyurethane. As a result, we have 17 years of history making superior releases for anything urethane related. This has enabled us to develop superior mold release coatings for companies that use polyurethane bonding agents or other patented chemical adhesive systems to re-bond crumb rubber from recycled tires. One of the unique properties is its ability to provide superior release without impeding the bonding of these particles, which is critical to producing a long-lasting part. Ultimately, Mavcoat® bonds to the mold’s metal surface to yield an easy release of parts made from re-bonded crumb rubber. 

Since recycled rubber is used in many flooring applications Mavcoat® release coatings do not transfer so finished flooring is not contaminated with mold release residue. And Mavcoat® is engineered to withstand the high pressures generally associated with the compression molding operation under which re-bonded crumb rubber products are made. 

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