Mavcoat® Products for Concrete

Mavcoat® Products for Concrete

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Mavcoat® CRW

  • Mavcoat® CRW releases hardened concrete from all forms and formliners that yields clean, easy stripping without bugholes and stains. CRW is a concentrated product used in applications that require a stronger release agent in hard to demold situations.  CRW meets California, OTC, and all other Federal VOC regulations.  Mavcoat CRW will not separate, so there is no need to mix before use.

Mavcoat® CRW-2

  • Mavcoat® CRW-2 is a water-based, V.O.C.-free emulsion formulated for release of concrete, GFRC, GRC, and composite reinforced concrete from molds made of steel, polyurethane, RTV silicone, rubber, epoxy, and fiberglass. Mavcoat CRW-2 will not separate, so no mixing before use is needed.

Mavcoat® ADG

  • Water based release for lightweight, fiber reinforced concrete products such as mantles and other architectural pieces. Works well in rubber, polyurethane, or plastic molds

Mavcoat® ADH

  • Water based release similar to ADG, but with stronger release profile

Maverix Cleaner 8700

  • This industrial cleaner is a free rinsing, low pH, non-toxic, concentrated all-purpose synthetic liquid detergent. It lifts the soil load by getting under it and surrounding grime and dirt. It then breaks up these contaminants into smaller particles, which are emulsified so they can be carried away, leaving a clean surface after rinsing.

Maverix Cleaner 202

  • Strips polymer-based, semi-permanent release coatings from composite or metal molds.

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