Pre-cast Concrete Form & Stone Veneer Release Agents

Pre-cast Concrete Form & Stone Veneer Release Agents

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Mold Release Agents for Architectural Pre-cast Concrete & Stone Veneer

The differences between pre-cast concrete and stone veneer are: pre-cast concrete is pre-molded in a form, cured, then transported and put into place. Stone Veneer is a decorative thin layer of concrete which is used to give a stone look and feel to a structure that is made of something other than stone. Both pre-cast concrete and stone veneer require Mavcoat® mold release agents to release from molds.

Mavcoat® pre-cast concrete form & stone veneer mold release agent benefits:

  • Yield superior concrete finishes
  • Easy to release from substrates
  • Cleaner molds without fouling or staining parts or tools
  • Non petroleum or oil based chemistries
  • Meet stringent California, OTC, & all Federal VOC regulations
  • Offer economical ways to produce defect free surface cosmetics for interior and exterior applications

Mavcoat® pre-cast concrete form & stone veneer mold release agent:

Mavcoat® pre-cast concrete release agents are available in various chemistries formulated for the release of cured concrete from molds or formliners.

  • Mavcoat® ADG
  • Mavcoat® CRW
  • Mavcoat® CRW-1
  • Mavcoat® CRW-2

Mavcoat concrete mold release agents are non-toxic, non-flammable and odorless, which permits ascetically clean and stain-free removal of forms without defects.

The finished molded parts mimic the mold surface, which ensure accurately produced forms and superior finishes. They can also be used on superplasticizer and SCC concrete. Many operators and contractors recognize Mavcoat mold release for pre-cast and stone veneer concrete as the trusted product.

Mavcoat® mold releases have a long shelf life and will not separate, so no agitation before use is necessary. Our coatings do not stain or transfer to the surface, so finished parts are color and paint-ready. Pre-cast products such as fireplace forms, mantels, columns, balustrades, architectural elements, and stone veneers are manufactured using Mavcoat®.

Precast Concrete Form & Stone Veneer Release Agent Applications:

  • Architectural surfaces
  • Pre-cast planters
  • Seating, tables
  • Waste containers
  • Fountains
  • Signs
  • Equipment enclosures
  • Vaults
  • Light poles
  • Electric utility boxes
  • Reinforced concrete pipe
  • Telephone accessories

Mavcoat® technology features easy to apply, water-based emulsions that penetrate and seal mold pores, which benefit the customer by facilitating post decoration operations, producing high quality finishes and increased production times. Please visit our products page to learn how we can improve your process and to see what product best fits your application or contact us to speak with one of our technical sales staff.

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