Polyurethane Mold Release Agents

Polyurethane Mold Release Agents

Release Agents for Polyurethane

Mavcoat® Mold Release Coatings for Polyurethane provide highly effective release properties for all cast elastomers, rigid and flexible foams. The coatings adhere to all mold surfaces such as, aluminum, steel, urethane, epoxy, and fiberglass. They are chemically engineered to create a heat-stable, non-carbonizing film that uniformly wets the mold surface to provide long manufacturing runs without attacking the urethane skin. 

There is a Mavcoat® Mold Release Coating for all types of Polyurethane:

  • Cast Elastomers
  • Rigid Foam
  • Flexible Foam
  • Integral Skin Foam
  • High Resiliency
  • Visco-Elastic Foam
  • Spray skin

Some current customer applications include the molding of automotive bushings, air filters, skate wheels, foam seats and dashboards, shoe soles, car body styling kits, cable guards, drive belts, oil seals, form liners, high load wheels, and diaphragms just to name a few. 

Mavcoat® polyurethane release coatings benefit the customer by providing superior part release, cleaner molds due to reduced build up, excellent surface cosmetics, and less downtime because molds can be cleaned less frequently. Also, there are non-silicone Mavcoat® releases that will not transfer when paint or adhesives must be applied during post-molding operations. The sum of these performance characteristics make Mavcoat® the best choice for your polyurethane.

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