Mavcoat® Products for Plastic Injection

Mavcoat® Products for Plastic Injection

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Mavcoat® 178 Paintable Mold Release

  • Mavcoat® 178 contains no silicone oils and is designed for all thermoplastic resins where post decoration is required. Mavcoat® 178 will not interfere with painting, hot stamping, or vacuum metalizing.

Mavcoat® TPC-1

  • A versatile coating designed to release all injection molded thermoplastic resins. It produces a very low coefficient of static friction so parts release easily. Resists film buildup, eliminates knit lines, and yields multiple releases with a single application. TPC-1 is food grade and meets FDA regulation 21 CFR181.28 as a release agent.

Mavcoat® 188 Paintable Mold Release

  • This is the workhorse release agent for all types of injection molded plastics and contains no silicone allowing finished parts to be hot stamped, printed, metalized or painted. Use Mavcoat® 188 on parts that contain color and on more intricate molds that require a longer release coating.

Mavcoat® Mold Saver

  • Mavcoat® Mold Saver Deposits a protective coating on mold surfaces that stops corrosion and oxidation, seals out condensation, and displaces moisture. Neutralizes fingerprints and corrosive acidic deposits and will not bleed out and mark parts during production.

Mavcoat® 524 Mold Cleaner

  • Mavcoat® 524 Mold Cleaner is a special V.O.C. Free cleaner that contains no chlorinated solvents, CFCs, or ozone depleting chemicals. The nozzle delivers a powerful flushing steam to remove contaminants from mold surfaces. No wiping necessary because product evaporates completely while flushing away dirt, grease, and protection films such as Mavcoat® Mold Saver.

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