Plastic Injection Mold Release Agents

Plastic Injection Mold Release Agents

Injection Plastic Molding Mold Release Agents

Maverix Solutions™ understands the need for mold release agents, mold cleaners, rust preventatives and lubricants in the injection plastic molding industry. Today’s tooling is intricate, which requires products that simplify use and application for the operator.

What is The Best Mold Release Agents for Injection Mold Release?

Selecting the correct release agent for plastics is important due to the wide variety of resins used in injection plastics. Whether polycarbonate, polyethylene, or polyvinylchloride is being molded, a Mavcoat® release agent for plastics is available to cleanly and easily release the part during start up or during the entire production run. Our unique chemistry makes our mold release coatings highly specialized for the release of all thermoplastics during injection molding operations. We offer silicone free mold release agents for plastics and paintable release agents for plastics in applications that require them such as medical or painted parts. Mavcoat® injection mold release agents provide multiple releases, and allow for painting, bonding, and adhesion during post production. Further, parts demold easily, have superior finish cosmetics, and eliminate defects usually associated with sticking. Some products also meet medical and food grade requirements.

Injection Mold Cleaners

No product line focused on injection molding would be complete without mold maintenance options, so we designed products that work together. This starts with Mavcoat® 524 Mold Cleaner, which is a V.O.C.-free cleaner manufactured to meet California’s stringent environmental standards and to keep press operators safe. Not only will it clean molds during production runs when needed, it will easily remove Mavcoat® Mold Saver.

Rust Preventatives for Injection Molds

To complete the product line, we offer Mavcoat® Mold Saver, which waterproofs and prevents rust and corrosion from forming on tooling stored indoors or outdoors. Mold Saver dries to a clean tenacious film the protects the metal surface and saves the tool from being damaged by the elements. Mavcoat® Mold Saver is easily removed by spraying Mavcoat® 524 Mold Cleaner.

Injection Molder’s Tool Kit

All these products, used in combination, create a “tool kit” for the injection molder by providing release, cleaning, and rust prevention solutions within a single line where the products are engineered to work together.

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