Automotive (OEM) Industry

Automotive (OEM) Industry

OEM (Automotive)

Maverix Solution’s line of mold release agents provides innovative solutions for parts manufactured for the Automotive (OEM) industry. These require highly engineered specialized mold release coatings. To meet these demands, Maverix Solutions™ has developed unique mold release agents to exceed the rigorous requirements of manufacturing these critical parts.

For rotational plastic parts, certain Mavcoat® chemistry forms a thin-film that withstands very high temperature (1,300°F), which allows it to last a long time between applications. This makes it ideal for large parts with thick walls that have extended cook cycles. Our other technologies offer benefits such as no silicone and no transfer when molding rubber and polyurethane parts. Mavcoat® Mold Release Coatings provide release for all types of materials used throughout the Automotive (OEM) industry in various application processes such as:

  • Mavcoat® high temperature release coatings for advanced composites
    • Body Panels
    • Wheels
    • Drive Shafts
    • Rear Diffusers
    • Air Vents
    • Bumpers
    • Breaks
  • Mavcoat® release coatings and support products for rotational plastics
    • Fuel Tanks
    • Heater and Air Conditioner Ducts
    • Filler Tubes
    • Dash Boards
    • Air Filter Arms
  • Mavcoat® non-silicone release coatings for polyurethane
    • Seat Cushions
    • Interior Paneling
    • Bushings
    • Air Filter
    • Noise, Vibration, and Energy Absorbing Rigid Foam
    • Body Kits
  • Mavcoat® thin film ceramic release coatings for rubber
    • Engine, Door, and Window Gaskets
    • Vibration Mounts
    • Seals
    • Brakes and Modules
    • Headlight and Taillight Boots
    • HVAC and Cooling Systems
    • Bushings
    • Mats
    • Formed Hose

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