Fiberglass Mold Release Agents

Fiberglass Mold Release Agents

Release Agents for Fiberglass Composites

Maverix Solutions™ brings the cutting edge Mavcoat® mold release technology from the aerospace industry to the fiberglass molding sector. The Mavcoat® fiberglass mold release agents provide a semi-permanent multiple release system without using a sealer. This allows for ease of use when releasing polyester or vinyl ester resins on gel-coated, metal, or composite tooling.

The fiberglass molding market has traditionally used a 2-step system: sealer and mold release. This dated technology is no longer needed.  Mavcoat® fiberglass mold release agents were designed to increase manufacturing efficiency without the need of a sealer. Bypassing the sealing step allows operators to mold more parts.

Although our products seal and release the tool in one step, we understand there are tools that are sometimes very porous. For these situations, we offer a sealer to fill in these microscopic pores that can act as mechanical binding locations. The Mavcoat® tool sealers extend the life of the tool by permeating the tool surface and acting as an interface to accept the release agent. Generally speaking, sealers are “insurance” for mold release coatings, so resins have little to no chance of sticking to the tool surface. Unlike PVA and waxes, our Mavcoat® mold release line will not transfer to the finished part, so no part cleaning is necessary after de-mold.

It is critical to maintain the quality of a mold’s finish to ensure excellent surface cosmetics of finished parts.  As a result, every Maverix™ mold cleaner has been engineered to remove resin buildup from tools without attacking the surface and with minimal abrasion. Our Maverix™ mold cleaners allow for tools to be stripped to the bare surface without harm even on Class A finished molds.

Whether you are doing hand layup, spray layup or filament winding the Mavcoat® solvent and water-based product line for fiberglass has your application covered. Mavcoat® mold releases have been formulated to release epoxy, polyester, vinylester or any type of thermoset resins.  Our cleaners, sealers, and mold release agents give operators a system that meets all their mold preparation needs. 

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