Mold Release Agents & Mold Release Coatings

Industry Applications

Energy, Gas & Oil Field Mold Release Agents Advanced Composites: Windmill blades and nose cones, powerline polesRotational Plastics: Storage tanksPolyurethane: Gaskets, O-Rings, Pigs, SealsRubber: Gaskets, O-Rings, Seals Marine Application Mold Release Agents Advanced Composites: Water and storage tanks, boatsRotational Plastics: Storage tanks, flotation devices, kayaksLandscaping Application Mold Release Agents Rubber: Walkways, playground matsPre-Cast Concrete: Planters, decorative wallsAerospace Mold Release Agents Advanced Composites: Military vehicles (jets, drones), FuselageRotational Plastics: FuselagePolyurethane: Gaskets,O-RingsRubber: Gaskets,O-Rings, Anti-vibration systemsResidential Use . . .

Composite Mold Release Agents

Release Agents for Advanced Composites Maverix Solutions™ has developed unique mold release agent technology to exceed the rigorous demands of manufacturing advanced composites. The chemistry forms a ceramic-like coating that withstands very high temperatures (1,450°F), which is needed for today’s epoxy carbon fiber systems that require long cure cycles at elevated temperatures. Mavcoat® epoxy mold release agents provide release for all thermoset epoxy resin and thermoplastic systems due to its inert chemistry. Applications of Composite . . .

Rotational Mold Release Agents

Rotational Molding Mold Release Agents Mavcoat® rotational molding mold release agents are semi-permanent water-based coatings that provide multiple releases with a single application for LDPE, HDPE, XLPE, PP, Nylon, and Polycarbonate. Mavcoat® mold release agents for rotational molding meet the unique challenges of today’s rotational molders such as shorter cycles using higher temperatures to speed production and highly engineered molds with exacting tolerances. Mavcoat® rotational mold release agents wet the surface of the mold uniformly . . .

Polyurethane Mold Release Agents

Release Agents for Polyurethane Mavcoat® Mold Release Coatings for Polyurethane provide highly effective release properties for all cast elastomers, rigid and flexible foams. The coatings adhere to all mold surfaces such as, aluminum, steel, urethane, epoxy, and fiberglass. They are chemically engineered to create a heat-stable, non-carbonizing film that uniformly wets the mold surface to provide long manufacturing runs without attacking the urethane skin. There is a Mavcoat® Mold Release Coating for all types of Polyurethane . . .

Rubber Mold Release Agents

Release Agents for Rubber Mavcoat® rubber mold release agents have been expertly formulated with advanced physical properties that factor in the proper mold release balance for silicone and rubber molds. Our mold release coatings are designed to function with the environment of the compound and the part that is being released. To easily release complex configurations, it is important that quality release agents function properly with even the most chemically aggressive elastomers. Maverix Solutions™ proudly . . .

Plastic Injection Mold Release Agents

Injection Plastic Molding Mold Release Agents Maverix Solutions™ understands the need for mold release agents, mold cleaners, rust preventatives and lubricants in the injection plastic molding industry.  Today’s tooling is intricate, which requires products that simplify use and application for the operator.  Injection Mold Release Agents Selecting the correct release agent for plastics is important due to the wide variety of resins used in injection plastics.  Whether polycarbonate, polyethylene, or polyvinylchloride is being molded, a . . .

Fiberglass Mold Release Agents

Release Agents for Fiberglass Composites Maverix Solutions™ brings the cutting edge Mavcoat® mold release technology from the aerospace industry to the fiberglass molding sector. The Mavcoat® fiberglass mold release agents provide a semi-permanent multiple release system without using a sealer. This allows for ease of use when releasing polyester or vinyl ester resins on gel-coated, metal, or composite tooling. The fiberglass molding market has traditionally used a 2-step system: sealer and mold release. This dated . . .

Concrete Form Release Agents

Mold Release Agents for Architectural Pre-cast and Stone Veneer   Mavcoat® release coatings yield superior concrete finishes, meet stringent California, OTC, and all Federal VOC regulations, and provide the most economical way to produce visually pleasing concrete for interior and exterior applications.  Mavcoat® concrete release agents are available in various chemistries formulated for the release of hardened concrete from forms to formliners. Non-toxic, non-flammable, and odorless, Mavcoat release agents permit clean stripping and stain-free removal of forms . . .

Recycled Rubber Mold Release Agents

Release Agents for Recycled Rubber Maverix Solutions™ was founded by making release coatings for polyurethane. As a result, we have 17 years of history making superior releases for anything urethane related. This has enabled us to develop superior mold release coatings for companies that use polyurethane bonding agents or other patented chemical adhesive systems to re-bond crumb rubber from recycled tires. One of the unique properties is its ability to provide superior release without impeding the . . .

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