Mold Cleaner Selector Guide

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Mold Cleaner Selector Guide

Mold and Part Cleaners

IndustryRecommended CleanerTypical Application
PolyurethaneMaverix Mold Cleaner - G“Unzips” urethane backbone, breaks down urethane and lifts from mold surface. Use on metal molds only.
PolyurethaneMaverix Cleaner 202Removes mold release residue to prepare parts for painting. No need to use solvents such as acetone or MEK. Follow with fresh water rinse.
CompositesMaverix Mold Cleaner - GBreaks down resins and epoxies and lifts residues from metal mold surfaces. Use on metal molds only.
CompositesMaverix Cleaner 202Heavy duty detergent that cleans epoxy residues from composite tools without harming tools.
CompositesMaverix Cleaner 505Strips resin, epoxy, and mold release build up from composite tools.
Rotational PlasticsMaverix Cleaner 202Removes pigment build up from mold surface and returns metal to shiny surface.
Rotational PlasticsMaverix Cleaner 8700General purpose cleaner for molds and machinery.
Fiberglass CompositesMaverix Cleaner 303Solvent-based stripper for removing mold release buildup. Also used to remove buffing compounds on tools after cleaning and refurbishment. Great for preparing molds to accept new mold release after cleaning.
Fiberglass CompositesMaverix Cleaner 505Water-based version of Maverix Cleaner 303 to strip resin, epoxy, and mold release build up from composite tools. Excellent for removing wax from parting lines.
Injection PlasticsMaverix 524 Mold CleanerAvailable in aerosol cans or bulk, this is a fast drying solvent-based cleaner to remove all soil types from injection tools without wiping the mold. Removes grease, corrosion prevention films, and dirt from molds without wiping.

Maverix Mold Cleaner - GMaverix Cleaner 303Maverix Cleaner 505Mavcoat 524 CleanerMaverix Cleaner 202Maverix Cleaner 8700
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