Linpar 1416-V Normal Paraffin


Linpar 1416-V is a straight chain hydrocarbon, also known as normal paraffin (N-paraffin) and has also been called a liquid wax.  It is a high purity, linear saturated paraffin mixture of various molecular weights in the C14 – C16 carbon range.  It is a clear, water-white liquid with no odor.  It has a low viscosity and is tasteless.  Due to its purity, Linpar 1416-V enjoys use in numerous food grade applications such as a technical white mineral oil and in lubricants with incidental food contact.

Linpar 1416-V can be used as the direct replacement for the Norpar 12, 13, & 15 brand of normal paraffins once manufactured by ExxonMobil Chemical.


Linpar 1416-V n-paraffin finds direct use as a solvent, dispersant, or carrier in many applications. These include agricultural emulsifiable concentrates, spreader-stickers, and adjuvants. It is also used in lubricants, oilfield chemicals, and liquid lamp fuels.


  • Aluminum Rolling Oils
  • Reaction Diluents
  • Chlorinated paraffin manufacturing
  • Consumer Products
    • household cleaners, deodorizers, waterless hand cleaners
    • bug sprays, insecticides, bactericides
    • lamp oil, candle fuels, low-smoke patio torch oil
    • automotive chemicals
  • Paint and Coatings
    • Organosol & Plastisol Formulations
  • Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) manufacturing
  • Lubricants
    • EDM Fluid
    • Vanishing Oil
  • Agriculture
    • Lawn and garden
    • Pesticide and herbicide

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