Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What kind of release agent do you advice for the de-molding of silicone parts?
Ans. Mavcoat MD-W6, Mavcoat SR, and Mavcoat SR-9.

Q.2. What kind of release agent do you advice for low pressure injection molding?
Ans. Depends if this is for plastic injection, organic rubber injection, or inorganic injection.

  • For Rubber – Mavcoat MD-4, MD-6, and MD-W6
  • For Plastic – TPC-1, HVP-I

Q.3. Does the mold release have any metal cations in it?
Ans. No, our mold releases contain zero metal particulates.

Q.4. Do you have any mold releases that have been approved for fuel cell stacks that you can share with us?
Ans. Yes, Mavcoat 527ML works great for fuel cell stacks and all composite molding

Q.5. What mold release can be used for vinyl ester compression molding operation. What would you recommend for similar applications?
Ans. Mavcoat 527ML

Q.6. Do I need to specify the use an injection molding release agent when designing a High Impact Polystyrene Component?
Ans. Yes, there are several different industries in which this applies to

Q.7. How to apply Mavcoat Roto Mold Release?
Ans. Mavcoat Roto and be sprayed, brushed or wiped on to the mold.

Q.8. Is there a non-irritant mold release for rubber components which may transfer mold release to a patient-contacting component?
Ans. Yes, Mavcoat MD-W6.

Q.9. Does Maverix ship internationally?

Ans. Yes, our company can ship directly to the customer.

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